• Become a Rewards member - It's easy and free

    Benefits of Becoming a Rewards Member


    • Faster Vehicle Processing — One quick scan of your barcode and your car is in queue!
    • 11th Wash Free
    • Free Exterior Birthday Wash — Within 7 days of your birthday, as a Rewards customer, you get a free Exterior Wash!
    • Points Rewards — See an attendant for a description of how to receive free services with your points.

    Rewards Registration FAQ's

    Where do I find my Rewards number?

    The Rewards Number can be found in two places:


    1. On the header of your cash register receipt.

    2. And of course the barcode on your windshield!

    Why do I get an error when I attempt to register my Rewards number?

    One of several errors can cause this problem:

    • There was a typo when you were entering your number — please try again!
    • The email address was not valid or was not provided.
    • The email address and confirmation email address do not match.

    I'm still having problems!

    Click here to contact Clear Sunset. We'll be happy to help.

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