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Clear Sunset Car Wash is excited to announce some fantastic news!

We will soon be adding improvements in our front "finish area" which will include a new larger canopy, new interior cleaning equipment, more spaces to perform our Interior Cleaning and Express Detailing which all will result in better efficiency and faster service.


The Express Detailing which has been performed under our detail canopy in the back of our property will now mostly be done up front which will enable us to provide the services in 30 minutes or less while you wait.


While we are renovating, which will soon be complete, we will need to re-route our customers who are having their interiors cleaned to our self-vacuum area where we will perform the interior services. It will be a little inconvenient but certainly worth it because you will absolutely love the new system when it is complete!


Many of you know that Clear Sunset is part of the "Jax Kar Wash" family in Michigan. When my brother Bruce, my wife Terri and I acquired Clear Sunset back in 2008 we decided to keep the Clear Sunset name for a while. Well, 10 years later we have decided to finally use the brand name Jax Kar Wash which has been in my family since our father started Jax in 1953


Jax has washed more than 50 million cars over the past 65 years and is known around the car wash industry as one of the pioneers of automatic car washing. Our father Jack passed away in 2003 and Bruce and his son Jason operate the nine Jax locations in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Jack Milen would be proud to have his legacy stretch to Florida as that's where he and our mom, Dorothy, spent their winters.


With the name change to Jax Kar Wash, our customers will still experience the same ownership, management and great quality and service that we are known for. Afterall, it all was learned from our dad!


Be on the lookout for more great things to come as we usually have something up our sleeve that will continue to improve our customer's experience!

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